3 Tips for Wearing the Heck out of Lingerie in the Winter

Ladies, do not – we repeat, do not – pack away all of your sexy lingerie during the winter. While we know the urge is to push all the beautiful and sexy things to the back and bring out the cozy items, we think that sexy lingerie should be enjoyed and cherished even in the […]

Lingerie shower

Give the Bride a Sexy Lingerie Shower!

Hosting a sexy and fun lingerie shower is a glamorous and naughty way to toast a new bride’s relationship. The party can focus on building a bride’s trousseau for her honeymoon or simply giving her a number of fun and sexy ensembles that she’ll get bedroom use out of for years to come. There are […]


The Perfect Panty in 4 Easy Steps

While it’s true that picking a panty isn’t rocket science, it can be tricky. You might not love the idea of a thong or find lace scratchy. How can you pick the right panty for you? There are four easy steps. What are you wearing? Picking your daily panty is often as simple thinking about […]

Tie bottom and embellishment

Sexy Swimsuits for All Body Types: 5 Perfect Solutions

Many women consider finding the right swimsuit each summer to be a tedious, time-consuming and stressful task. You can take 10 swimsuits into a dressing room and find that maybe, maybe, one of them looks good. On a particularly trying shopping day, you might find that none look good. What’s a girl to do? We […]

How to Pick a Panty: Six Easy Choices

Forget grannie panties! If you shop well, you can find a panty for every need, whether it’s a basic panty or you are looking for something much sexier.

Lingerie Terms Glossary

Confused by the difference between a babydoll and a teddy? Use this glossary to help you understand lingerie terms so you choose the perfect sexy items for you.

Store Lingerie So It Lasts

Proper lingerie storage can ensure that your lingerie stays snag-free and properly formed for a long time to come.

3 Must-have Lingerie Items

Ever wonder what items are must-haves in your sexy lingerie collection? While there are many schools of thought on what items are absolutely essential, we have compiled a short list of the items we think are the building blocks to a good lingerie wardrobe. 1. Stockings and garters: Versatile and sexy, stockings are great additions to […]

Tips for Spicing Up Your Love Life

Sometimes things get a little dull in the bedroom. It happens to the best of us. But don’t despair — make a little bit of an effort and you can find ways to keep things spicy. Perhaps the most important component in a happy sex life is the element of surprise. When you keep things […]

Giving Someone Lingerie? How to Choose the Right Lingerie as a Gift

Giving lingerie to a woman is a special and meaningful gift. Many a man, however, has made missteps when trying to give his woman special lingerie. He might have purchased the wrong size, the wrong design or just got it wrong, wrong, wrong. We are here to set it right. Buying lingerie for that special […]

Tips for Including Role Play in the Bedroom

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, sometimes role play is the way to go. Don’t think that it’s silly or ridiculous – if you let yourself get into it, you might find that it’s fun, sexy and really exciting. If you are new to the idea of role play, it might […]

What to Wear in the Bedroom When You’re Feeling Shy

Sometimes you’re just not feeling body confident. You know those days. But just because you’re not feeling body confident doesn’t mean that you don’t want to feel sexy or have a great time in the bedroom with your partner. But you definitely might not know what to wear to combat the shyness. There are a […]